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Sudan portal launched!

The Sudan Portal for the "Building viable delivery models for ICT for Agriculture in ACP....
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Zoom in on your crop

FieldLook Sudan

Use less water and improve your yield by using Smart ICT

The cycles of agriculture are full of uncertainties. As a partner in the agricultural production chain, you are of primary importance. You observe, you decide, and you act. Your decisions are based on your experience, your knowledge, advice from others, and perhaps even on gut feeling.

Precision agriculture
High market demands and technological opportunities mean that crop farmers and water agencies must keep a very close eye on their daily work - precision agriculture. Information obtained by satellites is the perfect basis for you to improve yield and increase the water use efficiency, and it's easily accessible through the computer. You simply mark the areas you're interested in on a map. Naturally, you select the type of data you want to receive, and how often you want to receive it. If desired, your extension officer will receive the same information, online.
CTA_logoThis project is co-funded by CTA- Building Viable Delivery Models for ICT for Agriculture in ACP Countries